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  • BEWARE OF stairs

    BEWARE OF stairs

    Watch your step - nonskid TRAK 0.6m x 10 cm 15,00 EUR piece
    031397942 info@lestako.com
    Lestako boards strips
    Stara cesta 20
    2311 HOČE

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  • http://www.lestako.com/index.php?id_category=4&controller=category&id_lang=2
  • ACTION in June .. !!!

    ACTION in June .. !!!

    Subscribe #stenskenalepke the desired size and with the desired napisom.do..1m2 / 50EUR calculated on the actual value (for example 100cm x 50 cm 25,00EUR =) .. Easy namestitev.dobite navodila.Nalepke are on a clear background. Orders: 031 397 942 or info@lestako.com
    Old Road 20 and wants
    2311 HOČE

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  • General products

    General products

    Products for: Schools, businesses, shops, cooperatives, craftsmen, wholesale companies. contacts. # 02252 70 90 # 031 397 942
    # info
    @ lestako.com
    Lestako boards strips
    Stara cesta 20
    2311 HOČE



    Strong and durable PVC with a high degree of adhesion. In the absence of elastic, good wear resistant, withstand the man as well as heavy machinery. They are excellent for marking the ground in the courts, in factories, warehouses, ...

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  • Delivery and installation at home business.

    Delivery and installation at home business.



  • PAYMENT Following the acquisition

    PAYMENT Following the acquisition

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